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Duct cleaning in Swansea

Want to have the best air duct cleaning experience? We're here for you! We use proven methods and equipment to provide the best service in Swansea.

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New insurance laws specify that air vents and ductwork should be cleaned on a regular basis. If there is a fire, and clear evidence that the systems haven’t been maintained and cleaned, any fire claim may be repudiated. So it’s essential that you use duct cleaning services.

Air Duct Cleaning

We'll make sure that the ducts on your premises are clean, efficient and free from bacteria and dirt

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Kitchen Extraction cleaning

We have numeral years of experience successfully cleaning the commercial kitchens such as pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels

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Industry Recognised Accreditations

GDT Envirocare is TR-19 registered and offers complete ductwork cleaning services to your whole ductwork. We hold top-rated accreditations that ensure the quality of work. We work with many local restaurants, national companies and also boast international clients. Get your TR19 certificate today.

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Kitchen extraction and duct cleaning in Swansea, we're a skilled kitchen extraction and duct cleaning company in Swansea. Our experienced technicians will clean your kitchen extractor fan and ducts to improve the overall air hygiene of your premise.

Reduce Grease

A perfect service for restaurants, food manufacturers and other businesses that work with food.

Health and safety

We'll make sure your restaurant is up to standard with our professional and certified cleaners.

We are a professional air duct and kitchen extraction cleaning company in Swansea.

Our skilled duct cleaning service in Swansea can help you obtain the best possible cleaning for your ducts. We'll use only the most effective, safest products and techniques to make sure that we get the best possible results.

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