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GDT Envirocare is TR-19 registered and offer ductwork cleaning services to your whole duct. We hold top-rated accreditations that assure the quality of work. We work with many local restaurants, national companies and also boast an international client. Get your TR-19 certificate today.

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Do you find that Insurance companies are increasingly asking for evidence of your cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system? We offer a wide range of duct cleaning services that will help to meet your legal obligation. We attract clients because of our accreditations and quality of work. We offer complete customer satisfaction, that's why many businesses stay with us for years. GDT Envirocare also provides a free, no obligation inspection. That's why we have become the largest duct cleaning company in Wales.

 Air handing unit Cleaning

We're able to tackle large or small ventilation systems with our specialist brushes, that other duct cleaning companies can't. Ventilation hygiene is a unseen health and safety requirement that we excel in.

Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

You can rest assured knowing that TR19 meets current Health & Safety regulations and satisfies insurance requirements. Your staff will enjoy the enhanced system efficiency and improved airflow in your work place.

Test your Fire Dampers

Our specialist experts will inspect the fire damper for any signs of damage before completing the drop test. Upon completion, we'll supply a full report for each test that you can include in your overall risk assessment.

Air duct cleaning

Ducts that are not properly cleaned can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other allergens. Our duct cleaners will help you get rid of all the dirt, dust, and debris in your system to improve your indoor air quality.

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Some of the industries that we serve

We work directly with clients, building managers or via facilities management companies to provide a duct clean certification and improve indoor air quality. Many insurance providers also expect that air vents and ductwork will be cleaned regularly, so it's important to ensure this is done to avoid any penalties.
    Hospitality Sector
    Housing authorities
    Student unions
    Hospitality Sector
    Educational institutions
    Swimming pools
    Letting agents
    Retail centre

Industry Recognised Accreditations

GDT Envirocare is TR-19 registered and offers complete ductwork cleaning services to your whole ductwork. We hold top-rated accreditations that ensure the quality of work. We work with many local restaurants, national companies and also boast international clients. Get your TR19 certificate today.

CHAS Accredited contractor
Member of National Association of Air Duct Specialists UK
Memeber of The International Powered Access Federation

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